Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Country livin'

Before I get started today I would like to thank Kim for posting comments on the site, at least one person reads my boring ramblings.
I would also like to thank Liz for the yummy delicious cookies she sent us.. mmm cookies..

Ok, so tonight Sarah and I took my two cousins to the Bangor State Fair. Interesting stuff. Everyone wears their Tuesday best (lots of jeans and flannel, with white farm kids trying to look like rappers) Its basically like any other fair (i.e. Marshfield) only with the FFA and 4H club rockin the house. There is a cow milking exhibition, pig races, a tractor pull and auctions to buy the cows/horses on display. Although I'd have to say the carnies (small hands, smell like cabbage) were a lot more creepy than the average carney. David and I lost some money playing impossible to win carnival games, but the fried dough and corn dogs made up for that loss.
And on the plus side, we finally got to see the 40 foot statue of Paul Bunyun.

Kim, I promise I'll have pictures tomorrow night...

Two other items..

  • we have our first ding in the new car. not sure where it happened, probably home depot though.
  • Casco Bay summer ale is really good, I highly recommend it....

Monday, July 30, 2007

Couple of Quick Thoughts

  • This is supposed to be a blog where both Sarah and I write, but obviously she's not pulling her weight... as usual...
  • Recently saw Die Hard 3 (loved it, totally unrealistic, but still fun), Transformers (top 10 movie all time for me), Knocked Up (hilarious) and Harry Potter (newest one. not as good as the previous couple, but still entertaining )
  • We spent the night at Target and Home Depot and watching home improvement shows on the DIY network. We're old.
  • There are a lot of spiders and really big moths in Maine. Never mind the 3 inch slug we saw the other day
  • MP3 adapter in the new car (where the ipod just plugs right into the stereo) is a fantastic innovation.
  • I think I'm blogging too much. I might be addicted....

Celtics thoughts.

So what do you think of the proposed trade?
I'm on the fence so far. Garnett is a beast, but we're giving away the entire future for him. And the Western Conf teams are still better than the Celtics in my opinion...

First Day..

Well today was the first day at the new job. Its a job.. although I'm getting paid a lot less than in Boston and have to work more hours, go figure. And let the Maine jokes begin! The main database still runs on DOS and uses a dial up modem to transmit the info, not the internet. I didn't think people still had dial up!

Other than that, its a fine job. Everyone seems pretty nice and laid back, which is good.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend Report

So after a whole 7 and a half days living in Bangor, we headed back down to Boston on Friday. This was the weekend I've been waiting 51 weeks for.. the Country Music Festival! Last year, just me Lori, Sue and Kelly went. This year, we doubled our number to 8, until one of the new invitees bailed (more on this later).

So we arrived down in Southie at Phil and Sue's around 9ish and headed over to the Playwright for some dinner and drinks. Because we're now old, and found it waaaay too loud in there to hold a conversation, we were back at the Murray's by 10:15.

Saturday was the big day. Sue, Sarah and I picked up Lori and Kelly and headed off to the concert, which was at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. (John and Erin were meeting us there) Rob, was supposed to join us, but choose to go see the Police at Fenway instead. More on this later.

Tailgating was a blast. We had the grill out, some drinks.. good times. The kid tailgating next to us with his friends, turned 21 Saturday, and proceeded to rave about the Steve Miller concert he saw recently. I then told him that I saw Steve Miller in concert 12 years ago, which ruined any coolness I had. My two very inebriated brothers were supposed to meet up with us in the parking lot, but because of said inebriation, that didn't happen until we bumped into them on the way into the show.

The show itself was fantastic. I know you'll all make fun of us for going to a country music concert, but its so worth the money. Now because Rob decided to go see the Police, he had to sell his ticket to our concert. The man who bought his ticket was a more drunk and effed up version of Danny Bonaduce. So Rob thank you. Thank you for not being there and making me stand next to this train wreck of a man instead of the nice girls in bikini's next to him...

Other than that, not much happened. My parents were kind enough to buy us a greatly needed lawnmower and the cats finally made it up to Bangor.

All in all, great weekend. Tomorrow however, real life kicks back in. I start the new job...

I'll have pictures of the house, car and concert soon, I promise...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our Maine Adventure..

Well, we're finally here...

After almost a year of talking about it, and looking at 50+ houses, we've finally moved up to Bangor. Once I figure out how to use the site (and finish building the desk for the computer) I'll be sure to put some pictures up of the house and the new car and all that..