Friday, May 30, 2008

What A Long Week

And now its the weekend, thank god.

So my recent movie experience has prompted me to finally change my ringtone on my cell phone. It was the Indiana Jones theme song, but since the movie suc-didily-ucked I changed it back to Summertime by Kenny Chesney. Plus the weather has been consistently nice lately so I think it's fitting.

So I'm downstairs watching the Celtics game on the big tv, and the wife is upstairs on the third floor playing Super Mario two on her old Super Nintendo. I love Super Mario Two, but I also love the Celtics. The thing keeping me downstairs (besides my love of basketball of course) the beer and ginger snaps are down here. Can't go wrong there.

No real big plans for the weekend. Its supposed to rain a lot, so we'll probably just hang out around the house. We've got a shower to tile, but besides that a whole lot of nothing which is nice. Hopefully it'll be nice enough out to golf at some point. I just ordered four dozen new golf balls (for the price of one dozen) so I'm ready to give them a whirl.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Did A Poop...

Was what the small child announced to everyone upon reentering the theater halfway through the movie, or what George Lucas and Steven Spielberg said to each other after watching their final cut of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? Unfortunately, it's both...

I can't even rationally explain just how bad this movie was. Growing up, I wanted to be Indiana Jones, I wanted to be that guy who taught history and went on all these adventures based around archeology. I remember going to the old Milton movie theater, that's now a coffee shop by the way, with my best friend and his dad to see The Temple of Doom and being scared sh*tless during the movie, but loving every second of it. A couple of weeks ago I rewatched all the Indiana Jones movies on cable, making it the perfect day for me.

So my question is this.. Why? Why George? Why Steven? Why did you have to go and ruin Indiana Jones? Its like George Lucas was saying.. "What you think Howard the Duck was bad? Well I can top that!"

I tolerated your new Star Wars movies George. I sat through all these of those things and thought to myself.. "Ok he's just getting caught up in all the new technology available and disregarding the dialog a bit.. that's ok, it's still Star Wars so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt." Well I was wrong. Those new movies are no where nearly as good as the original three. First he killed Star Wars, now he goes and kills Indiana Jones. I give him my money, and this is how he pays me back. If you can't tell, I'm taking this very personally.

The story line was atrocious. The dialog was deplorable. The action scenes were CGI'd to death and slow. Like everyone was so old in the movie, that when they ran from a dangerous situation, no one could actually run, they just all walked as quickly as they could. Sort of like when the buffet line opens up at the early bird special. I'm really at a loss for words. I just don't understand why after twenty years you would put out this piece of crap. It's not like you guys need the money or anything. You had twenty effing years to come up with something, and this is the best you could do! ***if you don't know the plot and don't want to know it, skip to the next paragraph*** What, did you and Spielberg get stoned one night hanging around ILM and said to yourselves..."hey what if we took Star Wars/Close Encounters of the Third Kind and combined it with Indiana Jones? Wouldn't that be sweet?!?!" NO! That wouldn't be sweet and it wasn't sweet! I really and truly feel like I was ripped off and we only spent $5.75 a piece on the movie. Technically the wife paid so it was free for me, but I still feel like I was robbed!

I wanted to like this movie so badly. We went in with little expectation, mostly because we didn't want to be disappointed. If you've read any critics reviews, many of them actually like the movie, which leads me to believe that they never actually watched it. Maybe they sent an intern and had them write it up. Heck the intern would only be 22-23 years old and really wouldn't know any better, wouldn't know just how good Indiana Jones movies are supposed to be. Maybe the intern thought that Indiana Jones was played by Brendan Frasier, so the movie was supposed to be hokey and bad. I really don't know. All I do know is that I'm a disappointed and angry blogger right now, and I'm taking it out on Mr. Lucas.

I'm putting this movie in the same category as Rocky V. It never happened. I'm just going to erase the past two hours from my memory and forget it ever happened. I was a much happier person before entering the theater at 5:30 this evening. I feel like a part of my childhood died today... maybe we can get Don McClean to write a song about it....

Monday, May 26, 2008

I Am A Six Machine!

So let's see. Memorial Day weekend, a weekend that should be spent outside, at bbq's, hanging out with friends and family. Yeah, we did that, but not enough of it.

Friday was a night spent in. Chinese food and asleep on the couch at 9:30 while watching the Simpsons movie. Exciting stuff huh.

Saturday, this is where the fun begins. We started off the day at Lowes to pick up some more topsoil for the wife's many gardens. Sidestory: So we're at Lowe's starring at all the toilets again, trying to pick one. First I notice that one of the toilets brand name is Plebe. Now if memory serves (Phil, David, Nancy, feel free to correct me) the plebeians were the lower class citizens of ancient Rome, the patricians the upper class. So why would you name your toilet after the lower class. If I'm trying to sell toilets, I'm naming them like Rolls Royce and Microsoft.. you know the best of the best. Anyway, we're standing there joking around trying to decide what to buy and this older couple (we thought in low 60's ended up being low 70's) comes over and starts looking at the toilets too. At one point, the lady leans over towards the wife and makes a joke about the toilets, round versus oblong bowl, etc. I say, I'm used to the round, so that's what I like (being lactose intolerant, I have to take my toilet choosing very seriously) and the gentleman says that he likes the oblong, but the wife likes the round so that's what they always get. So she says, "yeah, he always complains that there's not enough room on the round toilet, and I always tell him to just push "it" down." Umm what? Ahhh this is Lowes lady and that's a little too much information for us! Hilarious and scary all at the same time haha... but I digress...
After we got back, the wife started cleaning the house while I started work on the bathroom. Before I could start painting, the vanity and toilet had to come out. Here's a before picture of the bathroom. Notice the lovely blue walls.. and the lovely blue toilet.. and the lovely blue sink. Someone had a thing for blue I guess. The vanity is just white, maybe 30 years old, which a cheap counter top.
I decided to tackle the vanity first. Thought to myself, how hard could it be, I've done this before. I think it took me an hour and a half to get the stupid thing out. Caulk everywhere, random screws and a p trap from the 1950's (that's just a guess by the way) which had a will to live, it had no interest in coming out. Ooh, and the best part...NO FLOOR UNDERNEATH IT!!! Who does that? And as you can see, the pipes all come out of the floor, not the wall. Oy vey...

Because of the odd nature of the pipes, whomever installed it put a piece of plywood on the bottom. I don't own a reciprocating saw, so I had to resort to every method my infantile brain could muster up. Of course there was banging, then kicking, then swearing, then cutting, then more swearing... I ended up using giant gardening shears to cut out the wood. Hey, whatever works right..

The toilet was another misadventure. There were three issues here. First, we couldn't seem to get all the water out of the tank, so this led to some messiness. Second, the tank had zero interest in becoming disconnected from the intake pipe. And third, the brain surgeon that installed it used a combination of drywall screws and bolts to attach it to the floor. Long story short, I ended up having to break the porcelain around the bottom in order to remove it because the screws were so rusted that I couldn't get them off. I don't even want to talk about how nasty the wax ring was...

After everything was removed and I put up a coat of primer and two coats of paint up, the installing part came. That's the part where the wife is much better than I am. Together, we laid the first 3 tiles, then I went and played nine holes with my uncle and his nephew and the wife went to work tiling away. By the time I got back, she had finished 2/3 of the floor.

The floor on the right are the new tiles. On the left, the old crappy vinyl (its an off white with, of course, blue "grout" lines").
Don't mind the white dots, those are just the spacers. It really looks amazing though. When you see it in person, you'll be as proud as I am of the wife. Really, a fantastic job. I had my calling as a mason, she apparently had hers as a tiler. Tomorrow night after the grout dries, we'll install the toilet and vanity and next weekend we're going to retile the shower. Hopefully that'll go smoother than this weekend.

So I ended up playing golf both Saturday and Sunday, and for some reason I love the number six. Doesn't matter what the hole is, I shoot a six. Although my uncle's nephew gave me some tips (he's an excellent golfer) and I really cut down on my putting strokes. I'm consistently shooting in the high 40's right now (48-49) per nine holes, which for me is leaps and bounds better than I was last year. My goal is to break 90 (over 18 holes) by the end of the summer, which I think I have a very solid shot at doing. The thing with me is, I rush too much. I need to just take my time and follow through. Give me some Ritalin (that's what they give the ADD kids right) and I'll be the Maine Tiger Woods.

So while at Lowe's today, we gave blood. Ended up waiting almost 45 minutes for our turn to come up, but when it was finally our turn, off we went. While there, they take your blood pressure (me: 106 over 60, the wife, 106 over 62. apparently Maine relaxes us) and told us our blood type (me O-, the wife A+. Which means I'm universal and can save anyone. I'm good like that)

Tonight was spent at a family get together bbq at my other uncles house. Always love going over there cuz these are some of the funniest people you'll ever meet. The wife and I keep saying that someday we're going to record all the stories told and write a book...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Game Two

The Celtics just lost. They really had no business winning this game as they really could not make a defensive stop down the stretch and committed too many ticky tack fouls. That being said, the game was played in Boston right? Cuz someone should have informed the refs of this. I feel like all the 50-50 calls went Detroit's way tonight.. Oh and someone needs to let Doc Rivers know that its the playoffs, not the regular season. At the start of the fourth quarter/end of third quarter he had a zero offense lineup in there, and stuck with them until the Pistons were up by 12. Unacceptable. It's the playoffs, no one is tired at this point, play your best players, run an nine man rotation and that's it. This is not the time to make sure everyone gets to play, their bruised ego's can heal over the summer...
On to game three, Saturday, in Detroit...

The End of New TV

This time of year really stinks. Ninety percent of the network tv shows seasons have concluded, so there's really nothing on tv. A couple of shows, LOST for example, still have yet to have their season finales, but for the most part, everything is over and done with. I guess I could pick up a book or something (I'm currently reading The Future of Freedom and rereading A Walk In The Woods, I'm a huge Bill Bryson fan), but you all know how much I love tv so that's not really a suitable replacement. The summer is usually full of reality tv (which I'm not really a huge fan of) so I'm not exactly holding my breathe for new good shows. I guess it's ok though, as it'll force me to spend more time outside which is always a good thing.

I would just like to thank the wife, once again, for putting up with my Celtics obsession. Yet another night where she has conceded the tv to me. I know I'll pay for it somewhere down the line though.

So the wife shot me an email today because she couldn't think of my most recent catch phrase I've been using to insult people. I immediately gave it to her (dirty pirate hooker) and felt all good that the wife was using one of my insults… then I realized something. The phrasing of her question was very specific, "what's your multi word insult?. I keep coming up with "no talent ass clown", but that's not it, it's the other one." The other one? So this means that I only have two insults in my repertoire? This can't be true. I'm wittier than this, aren't i? I know I'm not as funny/witty as I think I am, but still, I should have more than two go-to insults, right? Both of these phrases come from movies too, which means I wasn't even good enough to come up with them on my own. This is a cause for some great introspection. Maybe I've just gotten lazy in my old age. Maybe the lack of people to insult in Maine has made me rely on my oldies but goodies. This is completely unacceptable. I need to get back on my game.

Tried a new beer. Geary's Summer Ale. For some reason whenever I go to the beer store I forget that I don't like any of the Geary's beers, yet I keep trying them thinking I'll like it this time. It's not terribly bad, but I wouldn't exactly recommend it to a friend either. I need to start writing down what I like/don't like and what I've tried/haven't tried.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Half Way There

Wednesday, half way to the weekend. There's nothing worse than being away from work for a bit and coming back to a million emails, a million phone messages and twice as many issues.

Before I start, a request. Anyone out there know of anyone getting rid of a set of juniors golf clubs? My mom is thinking of picking up golf and didn't want to go buy an expensive set, not knowing if she's actually going to like it or not. And the reason for the junior (kids) set? My mom is a Lilliputian. Yeah, she's like 4'11", on a good day, so a normal set of clubs would be too big for her.

So we finally just got around to watching last weeks finale's of How I Met Your Mother and The Office. The HIMYM finale was entertaining and predictable, but was still a quality episode. The Office on the other hand was fantastic. Lately, they've been making Michael too mean, but in this episode they brought him back to his socially awkward best. When he's mean and a jerk, the show has a different feel to it, its really not as good. But when he's fumbling and bumbling, it's perfection.

For those of you not watching, you're really missing out. Fantastic win by the Celtics last night, who could have very easily rolled over. Great team effort with solid defense and good shooting. Still a few too many jump shots for my liking, but that's just the way this team is.

I find that when I'm not in Maine, I miss it. Not sure if I miss the state, or just miss my house and my own space. It's really great seeing everyone when we're down in MA, but it's also nice to be home. My parents couch is surprisingly comfortable and all, but.... its not my bed.

The first visitors of the summer have been booked! My parents have decided to come up again in July. So now the wife and I have a target date to get everything done around the house.

And on a related note, a groundbreaking accord was struck early today by the Morrisseys. Yes, the wife and I agreed on who will be running the show on a couple of big projects that are coming up. So this weekend, I'll be doing the majority of work on the bathroom, and she gets complete carte blanche on the landscaping around the house. For either of us to concede power is a big deal, but for the wife to concede is absolutely amazing. We had this discussion while walking around Lowe's tonight, and I seriously expected an monkey to come flying out of her arse. That's how rare of an event it was.

ABC has a new show this summer called Wipeout and it looks fantastic. If you haven't seen it, there's a Japanese game show called Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (the Americanized name) and its absolutely hysterical. It involves people running a very unusual obstacle course, bouncing off things, landing in muddy water.. good stuff. No one actually ever gets hurt, but its really amazing that they don't. People just aren't supposed to bounce like they do on the show, but they somehow do. Can't wait for the show.

T-minus four days until my first batch of beer will be ready to drink. I'm going to try a bottle Saturday night and let everyone know Sunday that I didn't die and it's safe to drink. As you can tell, I have an enormous amount of faith in my brewing abilities. The beer ended up coming out at about 10%abv, which is quite a lot for a beer. Essentially one of my beers is equal to two of any other beer. In alcohol content at least.

Its the wife's turn to pick our Friday night movie. Anyone out there that wants to help me convince her to sacrifice her pick and go see Indiana Jones, please do. I neeeeed to see this movie and there's really nothing else out there that she wants to see anyway....

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Goings Ons

So lets see..
It's been an eventful weekend, but nothing all that exciting all at the same time. Friday we made the trip down south to attend the Brimfield Fair Saturday. Friday night was game six of the Celtics series, so the wife and I headed over to a friends house to watch the game (more so me than her. she's just there for the finger food and company). I really don't want to talk about the game, so I won't. But I will say that it was great hanging out and seeing some friends we haven't seen in a while.

Saturday was spent at the Brimfield Fair walking aimlessly through aisles and aisles of other people's overpriced junk. We saw something we wanted to buy, but 2 hours later when we came back to it, it was gone. We did however, procure some of the best kettle corn you'll ever have and an excellent sandwich (the pilgrim, fresh turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo. perfection).

Saturday night was spent at a graduation get together for a friend who just finished grad school. Congrats Mike, you've now lapped me twice. At the party though, everyone brought their new babies so it was great to see them as we haven't seen them in months. It's really amazing how big they've gotten and how much they look like their parents. Its funny how things change though, three years ago we would have all hung out to the wee hours of the night, now with marriage and babies, we're home by 9 haha.

Sunday was spent on the golf course with dad, where we played nine holes (there was only two of us, no one else was available to play). I did, however, shoot a (for me) fantastic 44. Yep, I would have broke 90 for the first time ever! If I could have putted a little better I could have really knocked that score down some.

After a quick shopping trip with the wife, we headed over to Gramma's for a quick hello before hitting the road home. It's always great to see Gramma and Papa, but I'm pretty sure they get more excited to see the wife then they do to see me. But that's ok, cuz she's a lot more interesting than I am...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bottling And A Bad Decision

Did I mention that I'm going to be a god father? Did you happen to pick on the fact that I'm just a tiny bit excited?

Ok... so tonight... an interesting night to say the least. The wife and I headed out to Petco to buy some more cat food. Uneventful, boring, I know. While in the car trying to figure out what to have for dinner the following suggestion was thrown out. Arby's. I know what you're thinking, GROSS, right? Well neither of us had ever been there, and it was right around the corner from Petco so we figured what the heck why not. The first sign that this was a bad idea, should have been the complete lack of cars in the parking lot. Not one. Zero.. not even employee cars. Did this stop us from going in? Unfortunately not.

The second sign that this wasn't the best of ideas should have been the fact that all the "rejects from the funny farm" (as my lovely wife put it) were working there. Seriously it was weird, like you know those kids who were in "romper room" in high school (same age and iq as everyone else, just really didn't want to try so they got to do puzzles and annoy the teacher all day), they're all working at Arby's now.

Third sign that this wasn't the best of ideas, the bill. $17 for fast food! Are you kidding me?!?! A chicken sandwich, two drinks, a roast beef sandwich (comes with nothing on it) and two fries. This would be like $8 at McDonald's (assuming McDonald's suddenly decided to carry roast beef and curly fries of course).

The lesson here... as always... I'm an idiot. Food wasn't horrible, neither of us got sick, but it sure as heck wasn't good.

On a happy note, I bottled my beer tonight too. So the inaugural batch of McGinty IPA should be ready for consumption in two weeks. And on a very happy note, it came out at 9.8% apv. Pretty strong stuff. And completely accidental, I have no idea how that happened. I tasted a bit during the bottling, and it was actually pretty good. We'll see what happens in two weeks though.

Monday, May 12, 2008


  • Today is the best day ever. My cousin Lisa asked me to be the god father to their soon to be born, new baby. Short of having my own child, this is best thing ever. Finally, I'll have a baby I can spoil and the wife can't tell me to stop :) The word honor doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. So thanks Lisa.. I promise I won't disappoint.
  • Switched kitty litters. From the old school stuff to a new environmentally friendly stuff. It looks like something that would be in a barn (hay shavings almost), but it does the trick and is quite a bit cheaper than the old stuff. So it's good for the environment and cheaper!
  • We went to a friend of the wife's (from school) 21st birthday party tonight. And it was the most tame 21st party I've ever been to. Although one good thing did come of it, we tried a new bar/restaurant, and I can't wait to go back and try the food. (fantastic drink menu and large beer selection. mmmm Alagash White)
  • Ok, so I now know I'm old. At the aforementioned party, there were a bunch of college kids and all I kept thinking was " GET A HAIRCUT!!". All these guys with mops on their heads. Man.. I'm getting old...ooh wait, not old.. distinguished..
  • For all those interested, this weekend is the Brimfield Fair. Anyone that wants to come, just let us know.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend Goings On..

Well let's see. It was a highly productive and lazy weekend all at the same time. Friday night was spent at the movies. It was my week to choose, so Iron Man won out. Now when I was a wee lad, I was a huge Iron Man fan, it was one of my favorite comics. The movie.. well.. it was good, but it was too long, and they spent way too much time on the back story (which was modernized). I'd say it wasn't as good as Spider Man, but it was better than the new Superman.

After the movie we hit Chili's for some dinner and drinks. No more eating at Chili's. The food was fine I guess, but we always get stuck with the same waitress, who is soooo slow. I'm convinced its cuz she takes a smoke break like every three minutes. Every time she comes over to the table, she reeks like cigarettes. She's been our waitress every time we've been in there. They do however have $2 Miller Light drafts which is nice, and HUGE tasty margaritas which the wife loves.

It was a miserable day Saturday, so we basically just hung around the house. Didn't do much of anything, and I really don't want to even discuss the Celtics game, so we'll just move on to Sunday. There was one amusing thing though. Saturday night, we went to the grocery store at like 7pm to get something for dinner. Apparently all the local riff raff shop on Saturday night, cuz it was meathead/burnout central. Everyone in there looked like they just finished a three week bender. We saw these two guys buying nothing but Fluff, burrito shells and Mountain Dew. Although when we saw them in the parking lot, they were pulling stuff out from under their shirts and pants. Sketchy...

Busy day today. Cleaned the house (first floor at least), brought out the patio furniture, put together the new outdoor heater, fixed some pipes in the basement (who doesn't love using a blowtorch!), cleaned my grill top to bottom, got in nine holes, went to Lowe's twice and finished the wall. Yeah, we're exhausted. I've posted one last picture of the wall, I know you're all probably sick of seeing it by now. But we added one more layer and the top stone. I think it was the right decision and it really looks great. The funny part is, all our neighbors keep stopping by to say hi (we hadn't spoken to any of them previously) and I keep joking that we're just doing our part to raise the property values on the street.

Hopefully this week we'll get to plant some plants/flowers etc to really spice it up. You know, its funny.. when I was a kid, my parents would constantly be outside doing stuff to the house and I'd think, what the heck are they always doing. Now I know. And I now appreciate the effort that goes into having a house, but I love it. Both the wife and I really enjoy getting our hands dirty and doing things ourselves. For some reason, paying someone to do things just leaves a bad taste in my mouth (I'm sure that'll change once I'm rich). The next project we're tackling will be our upstairs bathroom, which we'll do Memorial Day weekend. After that, we really don't have much planned, but you know as well as I do that the misses and I will find something else to occupy our time.

Oh, before I forget... 99% of you reading this blog haven't come up to visit us yet and that's simply unacceptable! C'mon people, no more being lazy.. no more excuses... just pick a weekend and come on up. We love having the company!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jason??? More Like Mason!

So everyone has a calling in life right? I think, at the ripe old age of 31, I may have just found mine. We finished 75% of the retaining wall in front of the house, so I thought I'd post some pictures. Apparently I'm pretty good at this masonry thing. You can judge for yourself...

This is the before. Notice the tiny beautiful woman in the corner wearing leather gloves. Yes, the day we started she thought it was chilly out so she wore her leather gloves to work outside, not her work gloves. I think she just wanted an excuse to buy new gloves next winter.
We started by the stairs and curved it along the front of the house. It took forever to dig out the trench and level it. But if that's level, then everything else will slide right into place.
The pallets of stone blocks were at the top of the driveway. So we took turns setting the stones and getting them. The wife did two at a time, I did six, but that's just cuz I'm wicked strong like that.
And here's the final picture, taken today. The wall curves by the stairs and fades into the hilly driveway. We're going to extend it another five feet or so up the driveway and extend it 14 feet off the other side of the stairs. After its done, we have a top stone that sits on top to give it that finished look. We're thinking of going one brick higher, but we haven't decided yet. Eventually, when there are plants/flowers, etc. planted there, it'll give the outside a more finished look. I'm actually quite proud of the job we did. Perfect, no, but for our first time doing this I think we did a really great job. In person, it really looks great. (you can't really tell in the picture, but the wall is about 20 inches high. The bottom of the porch is about 26 inches high, so if we add one more block, that'll bring the wall up to 24 inches. we'll see)

On an entirely unrelated note... good win for the Celtics last night. Neither team really deserved to win though. Very tough defensive battle and it seemed like the refs called a lot of fouls, never allowing a rhythm to set in during the game, which I think contributed to the low score. Although he shot well, I'm not a fan of how much Cassell played last night. I'd look for James, Pierce and Allen to all bounce back tomorrow night and for both teams to score another 20 points each, easily.

Anyone out there like the Ellen Show? Even if you don't, you have to watch this clip of Sean Combs on her show the other day. Hysterical stuff...

Good article about how they're upgrading one of the local courses. This is the one that my uncle and I have been playing. Wide open, only two water hazards, but there are bunkers everywhere, which is no fun for me. Overall a very nice course though (or at least it will be when its done)

And finally, the wife asked me to post picture she took the other day, in honor of Cinco de Mayo.. or as she now calls it, Cinco de Meow.

Look at the ashamed look on her face, like she knows she shouldn't be in the liquor cabinet (ok, in our case, the liquor closet). She's only like nine months old, they start so young now, don't they. And right next to her, yeah, that's the wine fridge. Apparently the tequila didn't quite do the trick so she had to move on to the good stuff...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Quick post while the Celtics-Cavs game is at halftime...
  • We went to Home Depot (the root of all evil) and ended up buying pretty much everything we need to redo the bathroom. We need a sink and toilet, but everything else is taken care of. The HD near us, as I've said before, is closing (opening up a newer bigger one) so we got some great deals, which makes me feel better.
  • Why couldn't I have thought of this?
  • Do you think this clip is real? If so, what a shot!!
  • Has anyone out there received their rebate check from the government yet? We're supposed to get it this week, but so far nothing. I love how everyone thinks that they're getting $600 or $1200 or whatever. Its actually up to $600 or $1200
  • I tried the new Bud Light with lime. Actually wasn't all that bad. Tasted very similar to a Corona. I could see myself getting another six pack as the summer progresses.
  • So it looks like Obama will win NC and Clinton's going to win Indiana, which means nothing has changed and we'll have another couple of months of listening to the two of them go at it while McCain flies under the radar unscathed.
  • Good dinner tonight. Chicken marinated in Ken's light caesar dressing (baked), acorn squash (with brown sugar), crescent rolls, and a couple of glasses of vino verde wine (rough day at work). Very tasty and very filling.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend Report

So lets see...
Friday, usually Friday is movie night, but I bribed the wife (with her favorite, a surprise lobster roll for lunch) to trade Friday for Saturday so I could stay in and watch the Celtics game. As it turns out, it really didn't matter as it was a very frustrating game to watch. No way they should have lost that game. Needless to say, it took me like two hours to wind down after the game, before I actually fell asleep.

Saturday.. good day. The day started off with us going to Home Depot, which I will never go to again. We've had like three fights since we've been married and I'm pretty sure they've all taken place there. That place just brings out the worst in us. Paint color, how to complete a project, whatever it is, I'm blaming Home Depot (although we never have these disagreements at Lowes, go figure) So after we figured out that HD didn't have what we needed anyway (yes, the wife was right, I was wrong) we went over to Lowes, picked up what we needed and headed home. We dropped the stuff off, and off to my uncle's house we went to see the new foal (baby horse) He's only like a week old, so he's still trying to figure things out. Remember that scene in Bambi where he (wait... was Bambi a he or a she. For some reason i say he, but you don't name a dude Bambi. well.. unless you want him working at Lucky Changs on the weekend. I've never been, but the wife has and says it's fantastic) Ok, so back to Bambi, that scene where he walks on the ice, and can't really get his legs under him... yeah, that's how the foal looks.
I had to take the pictures from outside the pen as the mother horse is really protective of her baby and I really didn't feel like getting kicked or bit. Next time we're over there, we'll take some pictures of the baby out in the arena so you can see him better.

Saturday day, was spent doing work around the house or more specifically the retaining wall in front of the house. We worked on it for like 5 hours, but then the rain started (and its still raining now) so we haven't finished it yet. We have like half of it done and it looks fantastic. Once its done, I'll post lots and lots of pictures and a step by step how we did it. Oh, and if anyone has any tips on how to cut the stones to a smaller size (they're 4"x12"x7"), we'd really appreciate it. Scoring them didn't really work...

Saturday night.. movie night.... the wife's pick. So no Iron Man for us. Nope, I got to see Made of Honor, or as I like to call it, Made of Crap. The wife, my cousin B and I all went, and they definitely liked it more than I did. Premise of the movie is that guy and girl are friends for ten years, she meets another dude and is going to marry him and asks guy friend to be the maid of honor. Guy friend decides he wants to marry her and tries to break up the wedding from the inside. Here's my issue. How or why would I feel sympathy for the Patrick Dempsey character (how looked very tired, very not interested. like he was getting paid in cash for the movie) when he had ten years to make his move and didn't. Sorry dude, your loss. The DAY I found out the wife broke up with her former boyfriend I asked her out. No waiting around for someone else to swoop in.. so I had no sympathy for the guy in the movie. Ooh, and it wasn't funny at all. Dwayne Wayne had the three funny lines, so whenever he came on screen I paid attention, but otherwise not.

Sunday was spent just hanging around the house. Chilly, rainy day makes for a perfect day in the recliner watching an extremely dominant win by the Celtics. Good to see the exclamation point win, but the three previous losses still concern me. While hanging out, the wife and I had the following exchange:

Wife: Will you judge me on what I have for dinner?
Me: No, you can go have ice cream, I won't tell anyone.
Wife: Damn! How did you know! We've been married waaay too long.

Actually no, I'm just omniscient...

So all in all it was a great weekend.. only five more days until the next one!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Man I Can't Wait For The Weekend..

What a crappy week. Well, at least work wise.. busy busy busy... Can't wait for the weekend. We're building that wall outside the house and I really need to catch up on some sleep.

Too much good tv on tonight, must blog early. Eight to Eleven, a solid three hours of tv. Earl, Scrubs, Office, 30 Rock and Lost then bed. Throw in a pizza and its the perfect night. did you see Exxon announced its first quarter profits? Yeah, they only brought in ELEVEN BILLION DOLLARS, up a mere SEVENTEEN PERCENT from last year. Thus ensuring I will never buy gas at an Exxon again. My prices are at $3.70 a gallon, and they're making money! And not just money, ELEVEN BILLION DOLLARS!!!! jerks...

So I went and got a hair cut today. Those of you who know me, know I go fairly often, basically once every two weeks or so. Ridiculous, I know, but it's what I do. When I hit Powerball (its up to $190 million now) I'm going to get my hair cut every day, just cuz I can. But I got to thinking... why is it they put that little piece of tissue around your neck? It doesn't do anything, nothing at all. It's supposed to stop hair from going down the back of your shirt I guess, but it never does. Its like the barber gets a kick out of making me wear a tiny tissue ascot. And why is it they always use black smocks? Some of us have dry skin and don't need to look down at the smock and see it! Also, they always cut off my sideburns without asking. I need my sideburns, they're part of my look! (insert 90210 joke here) Granted they grow back in a day or two (my head is like an effin chia pet), but that's not the point. Ask before cutting them off.

Great win by the Celtics last night. Its funny, even though they were up by 10-15 points most of the game, I kept waiting for Atlanta to make that run to get right back into the game. It seems like Doc remembered how to use his bench, although I'm still not a fan of Cassell. He comes into the game, dribbles too much and throws up too many shots. Sure, last night he had a good night, but that's a rarity lately. Distribute the ball, play some defense and just hold down the fort while Rajon gets a rest, simple as that. I've been a big Leon Powe guy the past two years, and he's really been playing well lately. Lots of hustle, doing the dirty work. Sure he misses a defensive assignment or switch here or there, but I can live wit that. Perkins will be needed later in the playoffs against the bigger centers, but against the young, quick, athletic Hawks, Powe matches up better. Game six tomorrow night, can't wait!