Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Movie Review

The wife and I saw the Hangover last night. I thought it was awesome, she...not so much. The resurrection of the "R" rated comedy is one of the more pleasant surprises to come about in the past five years. Lots of hysterical jokes, lots of inappropriate /hilarious sight gags, really just a great fun movie which I think I need to see again. We had a bunch of drunk teenagers in the theater with us (which definitely took away from the movie) who were just being really obnoxious the entire time. We did however, exact our revenge on them...

Upon leaving the movie theater, we saw them try to start a fight with some random guy and take a leak on a parked car. The wife wouldn't let me go over and say something to them, so we did the next best thing... tattled. Yep, we took their license plate and called the local police, telling them there were three drunk kids (which they were) getting into their car and driving away. No idea if the cops caught them or not, but it made us feel better. I really wanted to go with the citizens arrest, but the wife was completely against it. I figure I've seen Police Academy enough times that I could pull it off.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Weekend

Just a quick post tonight. Friday I hit a friends party, which was fun, but sad at the same time. She's moving out of her apartment in Southie, which is great, but we had so many fantastic parties, etc there, that it's almost like the end of an era.

Saturday was the brother's bachelor party. We played golf and hit the casino's. No, I don't have any pictures, sorry to disappoint. I will say that everyone involved had a great time and there were a lot of hung over guys waking up this morning..

Today we had a baseball game, which was a nice treat seeing that the past two have been rained out. I used to play a lot of softball and loved it, but now that I'm back playing baseball, I love it. I didn't realize how much I missed it either. I'm the oldest/second oldest guy on the team depending on who shows up, but I'm trying my best to keep up with these young whippersnappers...

Now if we could only get the sun to come back and hang out for a while...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

They Come In Threes

Michael Jackson, Farrah Faucet and Ed McMahon. Doesn't it always seem that way? Whenever a celebrity dies, two more follow. Somewhere Walter Cronkite just let out a sigh of relief...sorry, I couldn't help myself there.

Think about it though, each of these three really symbolized a generation. Everyone knows Farrah from that iconic poster and her one season (yep, everyone always forgets it was only one season before she left over a contract dispute) of Charlie's Angel's. All those old people that loved The Tonight Show, knew Ed McMahon along with all us kids who used to watch Star Search (umm what I meant was all "those" kids who used to watch Star Search. I never watched it, I was too cool for that) Never mind the fact that every time your doorbell rang, part of you always wished it was him with that giant check from Publishers Clearing House. Then there's Michael Jackson. Is there a better song than Billy Jean? I'm not sure that there is. Try to forget the creepy stuff (sorta like how we like to remember Elvis as young and skinny) and just remember the good times. Sad to see all three pass away.

So I was thinking. John and Kate of John and Kate Plus Eight have been on the covers of those gossips magazines an awful lot lately. So I had a thought. People Magazine should just change it's name to Person Magazine (as either john or kate are always on the front), and US Weekly should now just be Them Weekly. It's like they're completely consumed by these two people, as if there's no other gossip to be found out there. The problem is, summer is late in getting here this year, so all those drunken clubbers (you know who you are Lohan) haven't been out and about yet..

My brother's bachelor party is this weekend. Golf followed by drinking and gambling. Should be a great great time, but I'm just hoping not to look too old to all his little buddies. I was going to go to one of his friends show tonight (he's in a band), but then I found out they weren't taking the stage until 11, and that's just too late for me. I just can't hang like I used to. So might say I'm washed up, others might say I'm just saving up for Saturday.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Best Invention Ever?

Ok, maybe not ever.. but pretty darn close!
At the new Target they built near my parents house, the parking garage is under the store, thus making the store really on the second floor. Instead of relying solely on elevators, the store installed these cool escalators for the shopping carts. As you can see they ride right next to you on the people escalator, but it keeps the cart completely parallel to the ground so nothing falls out. I know I'm easily amused, but c'mon, this is pretty cool.

I was just wondering.. what will happen if my kids have super powers? Well this guy from the Globe, solved that question for me...

I'm having this issue at work. Usually I keep my office lights off, as the florescent bulbs give me a raging headache. Lately though, its been pretty morose out lately, so I've had to leave the lights on so I can see. Because of this, I've noticed a weird phenomenon occurring. When the lights are on, my radio gets a lot of static. When the lights are off, the signal comes in crystal clear. Anyone know why this is?

And don't forget to check out Beer Crusade for all the latest reviews...

Monday, June 22, 2009

If You Do Nothing Else Today...

You need to watch this video. Ten bucks says, this guy is a stay at home dad with waaaaay too much time on his hands.

And yes, this is part of the reason I can't wait to be a dad. I can't wait to make random videos staring my oblivious children.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

News And The Weekend

So the weekend was good, as are all weekends. Dinner with the parents and wife on Friday night at the Picadilly Pub (where I haven't been in probably 10 years), which was great mostly due to the fact that they had the new Blue Hills brewery on tap. Mmmm new beer...

Saturday was spent at the American Craft Beer Festival held at the World Trade Center in Boston. My buddy and I went and probably sampled somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 beers in the 2 or so hours we were there. They only come in 2-3 ounce glasses, so the damage is kept to a minimum. After that, the wife and I hit my cousins duel graduation party (from high school). The highlight of the day, they rented a cotton candy maker, hot dog steamer and a bounce house! Yes that's right, a 32 year old me, spent waaay too much time bouncing around in a giant inflatable house. I need to start saving my pennies to buy one of those things. We have some pretty good pictures, but I can't upload from this computer, but maybe the wife will this week.

Sunday was spent hanging out with dad and later at my future sister in laws wedding shower. I of course did not attend, but was brought in at the end to help with the transportation of the gifts. Luckily, I brought the big car, cuz they made out like bandits.

Now on to the news. A friend of mine runs a web site, www.beercrusade.com , you can find the link on the top right of this page. Anyway, the site is all beer all the time. For a while, it was just him reviewing different beers he tried, sticking mostly to the out of the ordinary. Well, life happens and he got busy, so he decided to expand, and has added two more reviews to the mix. So starting next week, there will be fresh posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with new beers. If you're a fan, as I am, I highly recommend you check it out...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Dilema, But First Some Links

If you need a laugh, you might want to check this out. Or if you're just a fan of Taylor Swift, you'll get a kick out of it...

This one, well let's see. Smoke ring? A cloud? A UFO? Or a sign from God, you be the judge!

Camera trick? Or is it for real? Either way, I need to learn how to do this. I just started playing on my brothers baseball team, and lord knows I'll have plenty of time to learn while riding the pine...

Now here's my dilemma. My office it work is a converted one bedroom apartment. My office mate is in the former living room and I'm in the former bedroom. The rooms are adjacent to us each other, with the bathroom in the hall between them. So, what's a guy to do. The door to the bathroom is just one of those cheap interior hollow doors and there's no fan, just a light. So there's nothing to umm camouflage the noises that may or may not be coming out of that area. Number 1 is fine. Number 2, I haven't been brave enough to attempt yet. The room is probably sic by six, with no windows and a brand new tile floor. Can you say echo? Echo.. echo... The people in the office will judge me and I don't know if I can handle that type of scrutiny. Hell, outside of my house, I'm very particular where I go to the bathroom. I like my space. And at work, there really isn't any space. I used to be (like most people I'm assuming) on a pretty decent schedule, but now that's all out of whack, which is just no good. I guess I'm just going to continue to have to hold it...

Too much information, I know. But it's a life dilemma I just can't ignore...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Long Time No Talk

So the new job is what it is. Not a whole lot to report on there..

Otherwise, life has been just chugging along. This past weekend was a lot of fun though. A very good friend of ours got married! The wedding was Saturday night at the Hyatt at the airport. The airport you'd think, would be noisy and windy and all that from the planes and being right on the water. Not even close. The location was fantastic, you couldn't hear the planes at all (there must have been some sort of noise force field or something around the tent we were in) and the weather was absolutely perfect...

I would post some pictures, but I'm not sure I can figure out how right this second as the camera and I are in two different states. As soon as I figure it out, you'll get them though.

The rest of the weekend was good too, as we went over to my grandparents for my for my grandfathers 85th birthday. Also got to play with my cousin's son (my godson) which was great as he's the cutest baby ever.

Ok, enough about the weekend.. links time..

Apparently we now have a million words! Hooray!! I figured we would have more than that by now, but I guess they take words out from time to time, which makes sense. In the world of languages, I wonder how English rates (number of words) versus other languages? More or less in English...

And the esteemed Time magazine has taken up space in its pages with an article about how facebook is making reunions easier. I didn't realize that there was a booming "reunion organizing" industry out there, but I guess facebook is taking them down.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's All Right...

Cuz I'm saved by the bell!

Ok I wasn't going to post today, but I had to throw this up here. If you're a fan of Saved By The Bell, and really, who isn't, then you need to watch this clip. Great stuff...

The most amazing part though, even though the clip itself is funny, and it takes place on his show, Jimmy Fallon somehow manages not to be funny the entire time...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Back When I Knew It All

Ok, so I know this isn't the easiest thing in the world to read, but if you're looking to kill some time, go for it.

When I was 12, apparently I had a teach assign this to us. I have no memory of it, but it appears to be a mini autobiography. Enjoy, and I'll let you come away with your own conclusions...

I was twelve when this was written. My handwriting hasn't changed a bit, my style of writing hasn't changed and I still think I'm funnier than I actually am. Does this mean I peaked when I was a tween?
(my apologies for the inability to make the print larger. i couldn't figure out how to do it. i did however, post it on facebook too, for all you facebookers out there, where it's easier to read)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

So as I was driving up to Maine on Friday I heard "Stairway To Heaven" on the radio. Whens the last time you heard that song? Remember back in your middle school days, when they'd play it at a school dance? On one hand it was fantastic because it was like a seven minute slow song, thus giving you a good four or five minutes to maybe graze a boob. On the other hand, right at the end it would suddenly stop being a slow song and get all fast! This was perhaps the worst thing ever as a guy like me had absolutely no idea how to go from slow dancing (awkward enough as it was, even with room between us for the holy ghost) to regular dancing, as most boys (never mind middle school boys) have ZERO rhythm. So the question was then, was dancing to Stairway worth it? I say yes...

I also had a second, completely unrelated question. Everyone knows what a bidet is right? If you don't, here it is.. So my question is this, how does one move from the toilet to the bidet? Do you finish your business and just shuffle on over? Do you readjust and fasten everything, step over and unfasten everything? I've never used one, never had the urge to use one, but how to use one has always perplexed me...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All Quiet On The Eastern Front

Not much to report on really. The new job is going well, nothing all that exciting, but boy am I ever looking forward to the weekend. Apparently I don't function all that well without my wife around.

I did go over a friends house for dinner tonight. I haven't seen these friends in a while, and it's just amazing to see how quickly their daughter has grown up. Dinner was quite good, and of course we made it to the tv in time to watch Wipeout, only the best show on tv.

Anyway... so remember when you were a kid.. ok, when I was a kid... and thought, "how cool would it be to have a jet pack?" Or, when watching the Jetsons you'd think "i can't wait until I have a car that folds into a briefcase!" Yeah well neither of those things has happened, and this article tries to explain why. Personally, I don't want excuses as to why we don't have these things, I want solutions. Flying cars, jet packs, teleportation, these are all things I need in my life to cut down on the amount of time I spend in traffic.