Sunday, August 30, 2009

What I've Learned

  • Nuns wear wedding rings? Did anyone else know this? I had no idea until my lovely wife informed me. (we were driving and passed a nun and you could see her wedding ring on her finger as she drove) Apparently it's to symbolize their "marriage to Christ". So because there are like a billion nuns, does that make Jesus a Mormon?
  • A Sonic opened up on the north shore! I'm not sure if I should be excited as I've never eaten at one, but the commercials sure make their food look tasty. We were going to go tonight, but it was PACKED, like 100 cars just waiting to get into the lot to order food, packed, so we figure we'll try again another night.

What A Weekend

Fantastic weekend in Maine the past couple of days. It poured, so our yard sale got postponed, although you wouldn't know it by asking the people of Maine. We have one guy stop by at 7:30 Friday night asking if he could look at what we were selling. We have another guy ring the doorbell at 7:15am Saturday, looking to pick stuff off before we opened up shop (even though it was pouring out). When we told it it was postponed, he asked why. I said because it's raining and we don't want our stuff to get wet. This confused him to no end.

In the next two hours we had 4-5 more people ring the doorbell asking if we were still have the yard sale. One person responded, when told it was moved to next week, ooh you mean tomorrow? To which we replied, no next week. Again, this confused the bejesus out of him. It got so bad (with people milling about and cars constantly parking in front of our house) that we made up signs to hang off the porch saying that it was cancelled and would be held next weekend. Yard salers are a weird bunch.

But besides that I got to sit on the couch and watch tv all day (with alllll my channels, ooh how I missed my satellite dish) and hit the casino buffet for dinner. All you can eat for just under $13. And the food is surprisingly tasty! I made that buffet my bitch. I'm not proud, ok maybe a little proud, to say that I made 4 trips up plus desert... mmm mmm good.

Now I can't wait for next weekend.. Labor Day in Maine.. can't wait!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Catching Up

Not much really going on lately. Sad huh...

I bruised the crap out of my hand last night, which isn't very fun. By my thumb (on the palm side of my hand) and up in between my thumb and pointer finger is all swollen. I know how it happened, or more specifically when it happened just not how. At my baseball game last night, I grounded out to short, somehow when I made contact the bat moved too much in my hand and did the damage, go figure. So now my kung-fu grip is essentially crap...

We're having a yard sale Saturday, trying to basically get rid of as much stuff as we can so we don't have to move it when someone eventually buys our lovely home. The couches are going, along with stuff like my rollerblades, vcr, old stereos, stuff like that that isn't getting used, will hopefully all be sold. It's supposed to rain, so hopefully all the buyers will come early while the sun is still shinning.

I would just like to publicly thank my father for giving me his cold. We were at my cousins wedding on Sunday, and the waiter filled up an empty water glass. Without thinking, I grabbed it and chugged it down. As I did this, my mother said to me, "I wouldn't do that, it's your fathers glass and he's been sick all week" To which I replied, "I'm not worried, I never get sick." That being said, for the past four days I've been hacking up brown and green goo. Gross. Weird part is, I don't really feel sick, just sound it.

So I had a friend tell me about the xbox version of the game show "1 vs. 100". It's free, you play on line against other people, and there are real prizes if you're good enough. The wife and I figured we'd give it a whirl tonight, and ended up playing for an hour and a half (each game is about 30 mins long). Between the two of us, our trivia skills are pretty darn good, although you get points for how quickly you answer, and frankly she's not that quick.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Quick Question

Ok readers, I pose to you the following question. Now search your soul for the answer, ponder it until you've come to what you believe to be the right answer...

Here goes...

Do I talk too much? Sober, drunk and everything in between, it doesn't matter.. I need to know. I know I talk a lot.. I've been called loquacious more than once, but is it too much? No matter your answer, I most likely won't change my ways, I was just curious as to what my friends and family thought. So fire away...

Oh No She Din't!

But oh yes, she did indeed. So we're sitting in church yesterday, waiting for the ceremony to start for my cousins wedding. We're talking, trying to figure out if it's a full mass (boooo) or just a quick 20 minute ceremony (YAY!)

First, the wife asks if it's wrong to pray for a short ceremony. After conferring with the family, we decide that no, it isn't wrong at all, and we all join her in her prayers. (it was like 90 million degrees in the church, so you can understand our thought process)

About 15 minutes later, as the ceremony is at, what we hope to be, it's midpoint, the wife let's out an eff bomb in church! Not a loud one, in fact it was very soft, so only I could hear it, but it was an eff bomb nonetheless. So I did what any smart person would do. Immediately disavowed any connection to her, and slid down the pew a few feet as to not get hit by the impending lightning bolt heading straight for her. Although it was pretty funny, it's not every day you hear that in church.

Just one picture, showing that everyone had a good time.. and to show that the wife was not actually hit by lightning.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Movie Review: GI Joe

I'm not going to bother being nice, or elaborating on the plot. I'm just going to say this... this movie was so bad, it made me want to swear off movies all together. It was so bad, part of me didn't even want to admit seeing it. It was so bad, it somehow managed to go back in time and ruin a part of my childhood.

That being said, it did take me back to those days, when you're a kid just starting to figure "things" out, and remind me just how hot the Baroness and Scarlett were...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Add Another In-Law To The Mix

Well not really another, as I only have two now.. but this weekend my younger brother got married and what a time it was. I feel like I haven't slept in a week, which is actually mostly true. Lots of late nights with his friends, trying to prove I can still hang, when in reality that couldn't be further from the truth.

The rehearsal dinner was a blast. Went off without a hitch, dinner itself was yummy and the bar is always a delight.

The wedding, well that took fun to a whole new level of awesomeness. My new sister in law looked amazing, my brother looked very pale (like puke on his shoes pale. he didnt, but there was like an 80% he was going to he was so nervous) The ceremony was lovely and all that, but the real fun started in the limo when one of the groomsmen thru out the line of the night..."all this limo is, is a cage for this party animal!" Awesome line right..

The reception was a blast, dj did a great job of keeping the dance floor packed (the only time I left was to hit the little boys room), and the bartender knew me by my 2nd trip up. I would post some pics, but I'm on the road blogging right now, so when I'm home with my computer, I'll put some up. I can't wait to see the video, as there were many WOW/hilarious moments, including some bowling and my wife dominating the dance floor..

A fantastic time was had by all. In fact, I think this was easily a top 3 wedding for me. Great time, with zero complaints....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Mad As Hell And I Won't Take It Anymore!

Ok, maybe not mad as hell, maybe just a little perturbed.

You see, tonight the wife and I hit the mall, and randomly had dinner at Friendly's. Food was fine, service was friendly enough, but then dessert came. Yep, the wife had ice cream and I just had to sit there and watch. Not a single item on the menu for we lactose intolerants out there.

If someone in a wheel chair came rolling in, they could still use the bathroom cuz there's a special stall for them. If a child comes in, they can still sit at the table, cuz they'll provide a booster seat for them. But no, when someone with my condition comes in, it's just a quick turn of the back and a "i say good day sir!" as they walk away.

But this doesn't just happen at Friendly's. Dunkin Donuts only has milk, no soy or lactaid (Starbucks has soy, but they're coffee is just too expensive to make up for it)

So I want to start a movement, a movement to make the world less lactose intolerant intolerant! Who's with me?!?! I would advise you all to join my cause, because if I ever have an dairy and you're around, you're going to wish that I had had soy instead..