Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Olympics

Anyone out there a big fan? Me? Not so much. First off, anything where you're judged, isn't a sport. I want a score, I want a time to beat. Curling.. as much fun as it looks, it's as much of a sport as bowling is. Anything you can play while drunk and/or pregnant, is not a sport. It's shuffle board for the cruises to the Arctic, simple as that.

But in the small amount we have watched... has anyone else noticed how not so good everyone is? Not that I can do any better (although if i worked my entire life at one thing and didn't have to have a real job, you never know), but it seems like everyone keeps falling. Skiers spending more time riding down the hill on their ass than their skis. Figure skaters falling so much they might as well pick up a medical alert necklace. And speed skaters slip sliding away more than Paul Simon.

I don't know, maybe it's just all NBC is showing, but it sure seems like the best in the world, really aren't all that great.