Tuesday, August 28, 2007


  • Did you know that there are very strict rules for doing laundry? I'm 30 years old and have NEVER separated the darks from the lights and have never had anything run. But the wife likes to separate, so I've recently started doing so as we've finally reached the point in our relationship where we are now combining our laundry. So I separate the colors from the whites, but apparently yellow and khaki are whites sometimes, depending on how dark the dark colors are. This is too much for my little brain to handle. Everything goes in together and there are no more rules, simple as that!
  • Rob, you'll be happy to know that I purchased a thatch rake yesterday. This weekend is the big yard clean up/weeding so that I can plant new grass in a couple of weeks. There will however, be no aeration.
  • A Bangor cab company has recently started using Mercedes for cabs. One would have thought that, being Maine, they would have started using crew cab pickups instead.
  • Inappropriate for work, but wicked funny. No Kids please, lots of bad language!
  • So I'm listening to espnradio at work today, and at 4pm the local radio show takes over. Most of the people calling were like caricatures of sports talk radio callers. So I'm thinking, that with a listening audience of maybe 50,000, I should totally become one of those regular caller guys that everyone loathes, but I need a cool handle. Jay from Bangor just isn't going to cut it..
  • Speaking of sports talk radio, they were talking about their all-time favorite sports video games, so I figure I'll chime in with my top five...
  1. Techmo Super Bowl - the best sports game ever, I will not argue this.
  2. NHL 94-95 - hockey made perfect. good fights, the occasional blood on the ice, perfect.
  3. Baseball Stars - the first game where you could climb the wall and really dive for balls.
  4. Madden - they just keep getting better and better
  5. RBI baseball - for nostalgia sake, how could I not put it on the list.

Anything you want to add?

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steve said...

duck hunt and any track and field game on the powerpad